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The Main Pipeline 

The Main Line is built with the capacity to supply feed gas from Marib at a rate of 1,140 million standard cubic feet per day to the LNG plant at Balhaf. This pipeline is 320 km in length with a 38-inch diameter and has been buried over its entire length. The pipeline route passes mainly through deserts and thinly populated regions ensuring minimal impact on the natural habitat and livelihoods of the local population. 

Main pipeline during construction

Transfer Line

The 20-inch diameter Transfer Line traverses a flat desert region of low sand dunes between the Central Processing Unit and the Kamil Processing Unit. It runs parallel to two other existing pipelines that form part of the Upstream Facilities.  It is sized for 760 million standard cubic feet per day. 

Spur Line

A Spur Line will be constructed to transport gas from the Central Processing Unit in Marib for the provision of gas for the domestic market in Ma’bar, a city close to the populous urban concentrations on the mountainous highlands.

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