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Careers FAQ

How do I apply to Yemen LNG Company?
All individuals applying for employment with Yemen LNG should use the Company’s Web Application System (WAS). Hard copy applications or those sent by fax will not be considered. To enter our Web Application System (WAS), please use the following procedure:

  • Go to “Careers” in this website, then to “Vacancies”; 
  • Register your personal and professional data in order to log in and apply; mentioning the title and the reference number of the position you are applying for;
  • Once you have submitted your CV, you will immediately receive an acknowledgement of your application. 

How do I know if my application has been selected for interview?
All candidates who are selected for interview are notified of the outcome of the process and will be contacted for further assessment. Applicants who are not contacted have not been successful but can still apply for future positions. 
All other applications are reviewed and filed for future reference if the applicant’s experience and abilities are of interest. 

I have applied for a Trainee position at Balhaf and have attended the aptitude tests, but have not been selected for interview. Can I see my test scores, or appeal?
No. Test scores are confidential, and we do not publicise the right or wrong answers. There is no set ‘passmark” in the conventional sense as we select individuals who demonstrate strong capabilities in the areas where we have vacancies. A strong score in one section of the test, or a weak score in another, are not necessarily a guarantee of acceptance for interview or rejection (on this occasion).Our tests are challenging, as we need very highly skilled staff to operate our LNG plant. All candidates whose scores meet our expectations are invited to interview and the most suitable are then engaged on training contracts of approximately two years. Unsuccessful candidates may apply again in future.

I have supervisory experience within the oil and gas industry. When do you propose to recruit for these positions, and will I be considered if I do not have LNG experience?
We are continuously looking for Yemeni nationals who have experience as technical instructors within the LNG industry. These individuals should apply to us now. If we cannot find suitably qualified Yemenis, we will also engage individuals of any nationality, on fixed term contracts. We have already begun to hire supervisory staff (mechanical, electrical, instrument, process etc) in 2007, but we welcome CVs from Yemeni nationals with this type of experience at any time. We will file these and will contact the relevant individuals at the appropriate time.
We welcome applications from all Yemeni nationals who have strong technical and supervisory skills within the hydrocarbons industry, and plan to provide conversion courses to LNG technology for those who are selected for employment.

I am not Yemeni, but I have extensive LNG experience. Can I apply to Yemen LNG?
Yes. We know that we will need expatriate staff during the early years of commissioning and operations. Expatriates who are willing to provide genuine training to Yemeni staff with a view to enabling them to take over the expatriate’s own post in due course, are encouraged to apply. Engagement will be under Fixed-Term Contracts of typically, two to three years. Salary, accommodation and leave arrangements will be competitive with those typically offered within the international LNG industry.

Will recruitment to Yemen LNG Company be concentrated on any particular regions of Yemen?
Yemen LNG’s gas supplies originate in Marib, and flow through Shabwa to the Terminal at Balhaf, on the Gulf of Aden. We are particularly conscious of the need to provide fair employment opportunities to the citizens of both these Governorates, and make every effort to do so. However, no single governorate is able to fulfill the Company’s needs for highly skilled personnel, and we have ensured that we advertise across the entire country. By mid-2007, Yemen LNG had employees representing every Governorate of Yemen (refer to Yemenisation section of this website), and we monitor our recruitment processes monthly to ensure that this process continues.

What efforts is Yemen LNG making to Yemenise its workforce and to create jobs for Yemenis?
Yemenisation is an integral element of the agreements signed between Yemen LNG and the Government of Yemen. It is defined as a “programme for gradual replacement of expatriate personnel by Yemeni nationals”. The Company’s Yemenisation programme is designed to ensure that Yemenis are recruited, trained and prepared initially for the commissioning and start-up phases of the Balhaf plant construction and subsequently for progressive assignment to core positions once they have demonstrated the necessary competences and gained the relevant experience.
To help fulfill this objective, the Company has established a world-class Technical Training Centre at its Sana’a offices to prepare Yemeni professionals for these positions. Overall, over 200 individuals are expected to pass through the Training Centre before start up of production in 2009.
At present, the Project is 70% Yemnised overall although this figure will fluctuate over time. Yemen LNG aspires to achieve 90% Yemenisation as soon as production stabilises. 

How many jobs does the project expect to create in Yemen?
During the construction phase the project provided at peak 12,000 jobs opportunities. During operations there will be around 700 permanent jobs and several hundred more will be provided by the various contractor companies which will maintain the site and provide essential services.
As part of a separate Yemenisation process, it is planned to train up to 225 Yemeni Marine cadets in Malaysia and India for and under the supervision of the owners of the tankers which will carry Yemen’s LNG to world market. These vacancies are advertised annually in the Yemeni press and on our website.

What does Yemen LNG do to ensure that its staff achieve their professional and career development objectives?
Yemen LNG produces an Annual Training Plan which contains all the training identified by the employee’s manager and validated with the Human Resources Department for Yemen LNG staff. At present we focus on immediate needs such as IT, Safety, technical and language skills. Increasingly however, Yemeni nationals will be given additional developmental training both in Yemen and abroad, intended to equip them for promotion and to replace expatriate supervisors, where these exist. In addition, annual intakes of technical trainees will ensure that the earlier trainees can be replaced and promoted to senior posts. The Balhaf and Sana’a training Centres will provide ongoing vocational training in support of this process for many years to come.

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