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Sustainable Development (Community) Projects

Yemen LNG continues to invest in a range of social investment initiatives with a view both to ‘offsetting’ those impacts which could not be fully mitigated as well as contributing to long-term sustainable development and leaving a positive long-term ‘legacy’ in the region. 

Yemen LNG is aware of the value corporate investment can bring to Yemen and to local communities and has integrated this into its overall Community and Environmental Investment Plan (CEIP). Investments of this nature result in socio-economic benefits for the local population while simultaneously strengthening the reputation of Yemen LNG with its key stakeholders. The selection and implementation of investment projects has been guided by Yemen LNG’s criteria for project selection. These include elements such as consultation with key parties, measurable socio-economic benefits, transparency and sustainability through co-funding and use of local operating partners. Some examples of investments being made (see elsewhere on website for more details) include:

  • Provision of a suite of projects to benefit local fishermen and offset any loss in livelihood due to the project’s use of Balhaf Bay. These include the construction of a multi-million dollar breakwater at Gela’ah to enable the safe mooring of boats onto the beach during the monsoon season when high winds and rough weather can be expected; provision of equipment to assist the hauling of the boats; the upgrading of the fish auction facilities at Bir Ali and Gela'ah; the upgrading of roads to local fish markets and auctions; the provision of fish aggregation devices to attract fish to locations accessible to fishermen; the creation of natural reefs to preserve marine biodiversity; the provision of equipment for both nomadic (tents) and non-nomadic fishermen; the provision of computer equipment and training to enable the accurate recording (and the building up of a picture over time) of catches and prices obtained for different fish species
  • Provision of safe access to drinking water in the four districts through which the pipeline route crosses to improve health and hygiene in selected villages. This work (which has implemented in three phases) is being undertaken in conjunction with the French Red Cross and Yemeni Red Crescent Society (YRCS).
  • Building of a number of new schools and refurbishment of others, construction of new classrooms and the upgrading of teachers accommodations facilities, and provision of transportation for school children in the coastal area near the plant and on the pipeline route, using local labour as well as providing classroom equipment and supplies thus improving educational facilities
  • Provision of electricity through the provision of a 300 Kilowatt Diesel Electric Generating Unit for the local town of Bir Ali, with appropriate distribution arrangements. This has since been supported by Solar Electricity Systems plus the present (2011) intention to provide electricity generated within the plant to adjoining villages.
  • Agriculture and Apiculture projects to improve crops, honey production, animal health etc.
  • Capacity building for womens’ groups eg in straw weaving, local crafts, marketing etc.
  • Health projects to improve medical support and infrastructure.

It should be emphasised that to ensure sustainability and local ownership of projects, Yemen LNG undertakes investment initiatives related to community development wherever possible in partnership with local development organisations and in alignment with the development plans of the relevant local authorities.  

In addition to some of the projects mentioned above, Yemen LNG is, in general, committed to creating job opportunities for Yemeni nationals and to maximising procurement of locally manufactured goods and services. A Yemenisation Programme and a Recruitment, Employment and Training plan have been implemented to this effect. However, the company is aware that the expectations of local communities need to be carefully managed with regards to the employment benefits the project can in practice bring to the area. 

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