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Yemen LNG Contributes YR 60 Million To Relief the Flood Victims in Hadhramout and Al-Mahrah
01 November 2008   
In response to the humanitarian disaster that inflicted Hadhramout and Al-Mahrah Governorates last week, Yemen LNG took immediate action to provide in-kind relief supplies, logistical aids and extended its ...

Yemen LNG Supports A Computerised Reader Lab for Blinds at Sana’a University
01 November 2008   
“Today, we are witnessing a good example of reaching out to NGOs and we wish other companies would follow Yemen LNG’s example in providing useful and thoughtful support in the form of donations,” said Prof. Khaled Tamim, Rector of Sana’a University during the inauguration of the Computerised Reader Lab for Blind Students. “Next step would be to train all blind students at the University on the new equipment donated by Yemen LNG”, he concluded.

Engaging Stakeholders … An Established Approach to Obtain Lessons Learned
22 October 2008   
“These consultation workshops of Yemen LNG for social activists, government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) prove that Yemen LNG is truly pursuing to engage players in local community in the designing of local development projects,” Mr. Marwan Muharram, a development activist commented on behalf of participants at the last consultation session and expressed his appreciation to Yemen LNG’s forthcoming initiative. “We hope our partnership with Yemen LNG will become sustainable,” he concluded.

109 Technical Graduates Fulfill the Manpower Requirements to Operate the Yemen LNG Plant
19 October 2008   
“We experienced vivid memories of happiness, intensity and even exhaustion at times”. With these strong emotions a young Yemeni graduate described the two-year technical training scheme that trainees went through. The programme was designed to build the technical workforce required to operate the Company’s liquefaction plant in Balhaf. The graduation of this intake of 109 young Yemeni Technicians, Technical and Administrative Assistants and Fire Fighters marks the achievement of the basic technical manpower necessary for the commissioning and start up of the plant in 2009.

2nd batch of Jetty Head jackets arrived to Balhaf
22 September 2008   
Marking progress in the construction of the Balhaf plant loading jetty, the second batch of jetty jackets arrived early September 2008. The second batch came from Aden where it was kept during the ...

Tanks’ Shells Being Erected and Welded
06 August 2008   
Continuing to rigorously strive for completing the construction of the LNG plant in Balhaf in time, work on the erection of the Inner Tank Shells continues to make good progress.

Derrick Flare steel frame completion … a new milestone achieved
30 July 2008   
Lifted to its final position, setting up the 7th and last part of the Derrick Flare marks the timely completion of the flare steel structure on Monday, 21st July 2008. The successful two-hour operation included the lifting of 92.7 tons of steel structure to the height of 115m and the delicate process of positioning it on top of the 6th module.

Yemen LNG kicks off a $26mln Long-Term Sustainable Development programme
26 July 2008   
As part of Yemen LNG’s objective to leave a positive legacy in its operating locality and in the country as a whole, the company kicked off a sustainable development programme with a budget of $26 million over the next five years (2008-2012) aiming at improving the quality of life and livelihood development opportunities of communities residing alongside the Yemen LNG pipeline and around the LNG liquefaction plant in Balhaf, Shabwah Governorate.

Minister of Oil and Minerals and Governor of Shabwah Open Balhaf Training and Visitors’ Centres
01 July 2008   
Sunday, 29 June 2008, Yemen LNG inaugurated the new Visitor Centre and Training Centre at its LNG plant in Balhaf, Shabwah, under the auspices of H.E. Mr. Amer Al-Aidarous, Minister of Oil and Minerals in the presence of H.E. Dr. Ali Al-Ahmadi, Governor of Shabwah. This event marks another important step towards full preparedness of the Balhaf liquefaction plant to build its Yemeni technical competencies.

First Compensation Payments by Yemen LNG Made to Balhaf Landowners
11 June 2008   
The distribution of first land compensation cheques that passed the approval of the state-run Land Compensation Committee was launched today in Balhaf.


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