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Yemen LNG Tug Boats launched and named 'Lamnalco Sana'a' and 'Lamnalco Aden'
22 April 2009   
In the presence of the Yemen LNG Board members, the Company celebrated on Monday, 20 April 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey, the launch and naming of two tug boats which will be used to tow LNG tankers towards the Jetty on the Balhaf Bay.

As construction of Jetty nears completion ... two loading arms installed
08 April 2009   
Marking the final stages of Jetty completion, two loading arms have been installed. The two-stage process comprised the installation of the risers/pedestal, which was completed on 21st of March 2009, and the installation of the loading arms, which is now in progress.

Yemen LNG Fleet of Chartered Vessels Completed and Ready
28 February 2009   
At the Mitsubishi Shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan, the enormous 294.6 meter vessel ’Seri Balqis‘ was officially launched. ‘Seri Balqis’ is the fourth and last LNG vessel chartered to Yemen LNG for the entire lifespan of the project.

Hydro-testing of Tank 1 successfully completed
13 February 2009   
Moving in wide steady strides towards the Ready For Start Up (RFSU) phase, Yemen LNG successfully completed the Hydro-testing of Tank 1 on February 8th 2009, 10 weeks after Tank 2 was successfully hydro-tested.

Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) 1 Online and Producing Power
29 January 2009   
In another win in the race with time, the first of the four Gas-Turbine Generators (GTGs) started producing electricity on Sunday, 25 January 2009. This is an important milestone as it paves the way for more equipment start up such as the boilers, desalination units and other important equipment.

Yemen LNG Supports Straw and Palm Leaf Weaving Project for the Bir Ali Women’s Association
17 January 2009   
“It’s better for me to participate in such a course and be able to generate income than just sit at home,” said one of the female trainees at the opening ceremony of the training course on Straw and Palm Leaf Weaving last week.

3rd Yemen LNG Chartered Vessel, ‘Seri Balhaf’, Ready to Sail
22 December 2008   
H.E. Mr. Ameer Salem Al-Aidaroos, Minister of Oil and Minerals and a government delegation as well as Yemen LNG representatives attended on Monday, 15 December 2008, the official naming ceremony of another Yemen LNG chartered vessel at a special ceremony in Nagasaki, Japan. The vessel, named ‘Seri Balhaf’, is the third of four LNG vessels chartered to Yemen LNG for the entire lifespan of the project.

Engaging Students from Project Affected Communities, An Awareness Programme Concluded
20 December 2008   
“The students learnt a lot and the Programme has great value because people from the village pass over the pipeline every day and students will pass on the information they learnt during the Programme to their parents,” said Mr Salem Al-Hattaf, head teacher of Al-Hait School.

Drawing Project Closer to Production Phase … Hydro-Testing of Tank 2 Successfully Completed
07 December 2008   
The momentum achieved by the introduction of gas into the Yemen LNG liquefaction plant at Balhaf on 19 November was coupled with yet another technical milestone represented by the successful completion of hydro-testing of first LNG tank on 30 November 2008.

President Saleh in Balhaf to Witness the Introduction of Gas into Yemen LNG Balhaf Plant
20 November 2008   
“Today, we are happy to launch the first phase of the Yemen LNG project with the gas arriving in Balhaf from the fields of Marib through the 320-kilometer pipeline. It is a major milestone towards commercial production,” said H.E. President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Wednesday, 19 November 2008 at the inauguration of the Gas-in to Balhaf.


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