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Yemen LNG announces winners of 2014 scholarship program, opening of 20 new scholarships to France for 2015

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11 September 2014

Sana’a, 11 September 2014 – Under the auspices of H.E. Minister of Oil and Minerals Mr. Rasheed Hussein Al-Kaf, Yemen LNG awarded in Sana’a today 17 new bachelor and master scholarships to France in the presence of representatives of the government and the French embassy and families of the scholarship winners.

Out of the 17 awardees, 12 have been admitted to master degree programs and the other five winners to undergraduate programs in renowned French universities, to major in scientific, social and literary disciplines.

The winners were admitted by French universities following a rigorous training program of 600 hours at the French Cultural Center in Sanaa.

Speaking on the occasion, Yemen LNG General Manager Mr. Jacques Azibert congratulated the winners and their families for taking advantage of this lifetime opportunity.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make knowledge gains, cultivate cutting-edge acquaintance and get to know emerging trends. I can confirm that upon completion of your study, you will be able to drive transformations in the development of your home country,” remarked Azibert.

“With about 20 years of operations ahead of us”, continued Mr. Azibert, “we know how important it is to contribute to the development and education of the current and next generations.”

For his part, Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals Eng. Shawki Al-Mikhlafi, commended Yemen LNG for sponsoring leading initiatives that provide quality education programs.

Addressing the awardees, Mr. Al-Mikhlafi said, “you are the builders of tomorrow and the future. Much reliance rests on you to build the future. Yemen has now generations that are more enthusiastic and that can overcome difficulties. I am confident that you shall be among the best during your studies in France.”

The French Ambassador to Yemen, H.E. Frank Gellet spoke on the occasion congratulating the winners, he said, “I am particularly proud that France was chosen to be a destination for your higher education. I thank you for this confidence. You will depart to a totally different world and you need to adapt to it, but at least you have overcome the French language obstacle. You will receive excellent education in France.”

Meanwhile, Yemen LNG General Manager announced the launch of the 2015 scholarship application program which will be open until the 2nd of October. “The scholarship program covers tuitions, visas, annual tickets, medical insurance, laptops and books, living, settling-in, research and shipping allowances”, Mr. Azibert said.

With 20 new scholarships offered to France each year, Yemen LNG scholarship program is by far the largest offered by an energy company in Yemen. So far, 100 young Yemeni scholars have been sent off to France, 38 of whom are females. They are enrolled in 33 universities in various French cities.

List of the scholarship recipients 2014

Master Degree

Asra Abdullah Baneamoon - Telecommunication

Iman Abdo Ahmed - French Language

Layal Abdan Mohammed - Public Health

Maryam Fuad Al-Haimi - French Language

Mona Ahmed Ali Abdullah - Telecommunication

Muamar Hadi Kuzman Ali - Industrial Engineering

Musaab Gurban Al-Rakhami - Electronics

Mutaz Abdullah Nujaimi - Civil Engineering

Osama Zaid Zabara - Logistics and Transportation

Rana Mohsen Ali Al-Abdali - French Language

Samia Abdul-Jalil Ali Sanad - Public Health

Shalil Saleh Ali Shalil- Telecommunication


Ahmed Awadh Salem Larwas - Civil Engineering

Ameeraddin Abdulraqeb Al-Muraisy - Civil Engineering

Selwan Akram Abdullah Al-Kebsi - Nutrition

Taiseer Abdullah Ameen - Computer Science

Wardah Mohammed Al-Ajjaj - Computer Science


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